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Brody's Diamond Jasper Placed as an upcoming breeder

Jasper is a very sweet and loving personality. His confirmation is excellent.We are very excited about his future here at mylabradoodlebreeder.

CKC Frosty

Frosty is a F1b of Bredget and Winchester he is a majestic, playful dog.

We got Lincoln when he was 1 year old. He was potty trained, calm, and loving. He has been a great addition to our family! We already had a Shitzu and they bonded right away. They play together well and Lincoln is quite gentle and careful since he's so much bigger than Scooter. He loves to go on walks or runs, go bye bye in the car, and play with the teenage boys. He is very gentle around little children and the elderly. He truly is a blessing! We are thinking about training him to be a pet therapy dog. He can share his love with others! Rebecca Martin-Geist MSN, RN Traditional Undergraduate School of Nursing/Faculty Instructor TTUHSC

CKC Uncle SI

Lilli Renae, just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Uncle Si. I can't express to you how happy I am with him. He travels with me all over the state and is a true companion. He draws attention every where we go. He's excellent with the kids and very protective of our home. I've had many lab s and other dogs in my life, but your labradoodles are truly impressive. Thanks for all the support and have a Merry Christmas... Thanks again, Darrin

Happy Holidays! Kash turned 3 this October---thought you'd like to see how beautiful he is????. He's still the best dog and brings us tons of laughter and joy!!! Hope all is well with you and your crew. Hope you have a Very Blessed Christmas. Jacquelyn Weathers

We are so happy with our little Dustin. He is such a good and happy boy! I have attached several pictures, although I must say his first grooming experience was less than desirable. The groomer owns a poodle and shaved between his eyes (against our instructions). So, if you know of any good groomers in our area, please let us know. Rick was talking with someone at church about our doodle and he seemed very interested in getting one for himself. Rick says he will follow-up with him on Sunday. Thanks again for providing us with such a great dog. He has really been a blessing to us. Take care, Laurie and Rick - Texas

Good morning LilliRenee! He is just wonderful! He was amazing in the car, sleeping 95% of the way to Albuquerque! Last night he did really well. Very little crying, and he is, (He diddo great in his new crate as well.) And guess what, we have not had one accident (knock on wood). Not in the car, not in the house, not on the bed, not on the sofa, nothing! I don't know how that is even possible! He started crying at 5:30 this morning, I took him out, he went, and back to bed! My husband can't believe how cute he is, By the way, he comes when we call him! So I don't know what you are doing with those puppies, but its working! He is a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you so much again! We are just in love with this absolutely adorable little bundle of fur! Gretchen & Sydney

Ellie was perfect from the very beginning! I remember after talking with you on the phone about possibly purchasing a Labradoodle and my allergy concerns, etc. but also what kind of disposition we were looking for in a dog. You were so attentive and told me at the end of our conversation which dog you knew would be best for us. You knew the personality of the dogs you had available and knew which one would be best for us. I love the way that you were able to match us up with Ellie. J When we entered your home to meet our newest addition to our family, I was truly impressed by the way that you cared for your puppies and your beautiful dogs. We were also impressed that you didn?t have the puppies all caged up, they along with their mom were inside the house. You love for them was truly evident. We purchased Ellie our Labradoole from My Labradoodle Breeder on January 1st of 2009 and boy was it THE BEST way to start off our new year! I am sorry that it has been so long in getting this off to you, but I really want you to know what a delight our Ellie is! She is SO well behaved and SO smart! The day after we got her home we took her to PetsMart for training. I think it?s important to make sure that dogs this size are trained, especially for me since I?m an not quite 5 feet tall J? The trainer was enthralled with how smart she was, how easily she grasped the training. They were also very impressed at her ?desire to please? disposition, and kept going on and on about her intelligence and ability to learn the training so quickly. We?ve had our sweet Ellie for over two years now and oh my gosh, we love her, everyone loves her!! She is so well behaved and so much fun! I know that the way you love them during the short time that you have them makes a HUGE impact on them for the rest of their lives, so thank you for the way in which you give your dogs a great start! We love Ellie! She is an absolute blessing in our lives! Delighted with our Dog Ellie, Kathryn & Bruce Bonner

We feel so blessed to have Alice in our family. She is smart, sweet, laid back but still filled with energy. She loves to play frisbee and cuddle after. Her confirmation is excellent and hair coat is so thick and soft with absolutely no shedding. We have no reservations about the quality of this wonderful animal and want to thank you for providing her for us. Sincerely, Natali Bruce and family.


We had such a wonderful experience with MyLabradoodleBreeder in gaining our sweet Asher! He is an invaluable member of our family with his loving and playful disposition. We couldn't be more grateful! Our 10 month-old daughter, Olivia, thanks you for her best friend.

Hi! I am sorry it has been so long since I have contacted you all. I bought a puppy from you back in September and named him Kobe. Small world but I also recently found out that I work at the same law firm as your brother-in-law, I want you to know he has been the absolute best dog possible! Thank you so much. Thank you again for Kobe. He has really changed my life and is honestly the best thing that has happened for me. -Michele

Good morning:). I haven't sent you any pictures lately of Kash so I thought you'd like to see our precious pup. He is doing awesome and brings more unimaginable joy to our family. He is absolutely the best dog we have ever owned. So loving and sweet and he's become quite the cow dog:). Ha, he loves going to the Ag barn to help the boys with their cattle and pigs. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family. We love him more than we ever imagined! He turned two in October---can't believe the time has passed so quickly!! Hope all is well with you:) Love, The Weathers

Chanels pup

My husband Chase got our sweet puppy from you in February. He surprised me with her after I had been begging for a labradoodle. He was hesitant about getting a labradoodle, but now thinks they are the best breed of dogs! We absolutely adore Molly and she has been the greatest addition for us. I had never had a dog before Molly. Chase grew up breeding and training hunting dogs. He keeps telling me, "you don't understand,all dogs are not this smart and easy to train." She is so smart and has learned things So quick! Thank you so Much for our sweet Molly....I never imagined loving a puppy sooo much!(I'm now trying to convince Chase to get Molly a Companion. If I can get him to agree, we'll definitely want to get her companion from you!)haha thanks for raising such an awesome puppy! Kelsey



This is Asher ALL GROWN UP!!! Check out the Picture on this link as a pup!!

This is Molly F2 multi

Molly went to a Family in Miami,she has a wonderful family, who love her so much.

F1b Chardanee' pups

Chanel"s White Diamond Fur Litter Due 12/30/12 SANDIE

Hi! Our friends that got a Chocolate puppy from you love him! Our other friend came over to meet Sandie and Sully and I think they loved them. She had the same concerns I did about getting a male dog but, I assured her they are the best dogs ever. I also told them how apparent it was that you loved each and everyone of your puppies. Thank you for giving us such wonderful family members!!


Our doggies Sandie and Sully are supper sweet and I love them to pieces,they are truly part of our family. You certainly have a gift of breeding sweet puppies.

Good Morning LilliRenee, We just wanted to send you an Update on our Labradoodle,Maggie. We got her from you in Feb 2014 and she is now nearing her first Birthday.We can't explain to you how much we love our little girl.She has the sweetest disposition and is true lover. We get compliments on her everywhere we go. She is a fantastic dog and has been the perfect addition to our family. She is an avid ball dog she enjoyed her first summer spending a lot of time at the lake and has become a water dog as well!She is such a calm dog!! Marry Christmas and Hope You have a great New Year!

We got Onyx last January, and she has been an absolute dream. She is so loving,friendly,energetic,And extremely smart! Everyone raves to us about what a fantastic dog she is, even the Vet! She came to us ready to learn and eager to be a part of the family, and we love her to death! She loves chasing after frisbees,footballs, and anything else you can throw, she'll catch them in the air. She also love hid and seek, where we hide a toy and then she finds it. She's too good for us now, we cant keep anything hidden - she even will open drawers! She also plays great with other dogs. She plays their games-if they are timid or shy, she'll be vey gentle, and if they want to wrestle full force, she'll do that too! We don't have children, but when she's been around children, she's made us beam with pride by how well she behaves. We couldn't be more happier with this amazing dog we got from Idalou (which is her middle name as well)and we would recommend Lillirenee and her pups to anyone!!

F1B DoubleDoodle Female (Ginger Grace)

HI Lillirenee I just want to update you on Ginger the Double Doodle That we got from you in November! She is such a loving dog! She is truly the best dog that we have ever had! We crate trained her and she was so easy to potty train. She now sleeps in the house and does not need her crate anymore! She is like an old soul! She is so smart. She knows when she has done something wrong and immediately ducks her head and come to apologizing, It is so cute. She truly is part of the family and such a good natured dog! I remember reading letters on your website from happy families that have received one of your dogs. I just hoped that Ginger would turn out to be Great and she has! She will let us bath her without a fight and her first trip to the groomer, they just bragged about what a great dog she was! She is also a favorite at the vet's office! we can't thank you enough for our sweet Ginger Grace! You have a special Family of Dogs and we would recommend you anytime! Thanks again Brienne Sundown Tx.

Dark Chocolate

Bently's Baby girl!! 2015

F1b Goldendoodle

We added a new member to our family in April and we have been blessed by her ever since. We of course are talking about our sweet Blossom (Daughter of Max and Sasha)! Our family is in love!!! She is so much fun and loving to all of us. She plays soccer with my son, no kidding from almost when we got her at 8 weeks old; I thought we had bought Air Bud. She has a special relationship with everyone in the family. She is playful with our son, and cuddly with our daughter, loyal loving and my walking partner, and devoted to my husband. I didn't know much about Goldendoodles but she gets so much attention when we take her out and is the best behaved dog around and everyone just loves her. She has grown so much and we've enjoyed each stage with her. Thank you LilliRenee for this precious dog. It has been awhile since we've had a dog and having her has brought a joy to the family we didn't even realize was missing. LilliRenee has been awesome and literally walked me through caring for Blossom in each stage of her growing and is always there for us when we have a question before and after we brought her home (which is often, poor lady). I have spread word that is the place to go for an exceptional puppy! P.S. Lilli Renee, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time you have taken to make sure Blossom has the best possible home!

Up Coming Breeder F1b Labradoodle

AKC/CKC Sasha's &CKC Rooster's Goldendoodle

Hi LillieRenee, I wanted to send you an update on my sweet boy Griff. He is a complete joy and such a great pup! He loves everyone and everything. I take him everywhere with me. He is the center of attention wherever we go because he is such a character. I've had more than a few people say that he belongs in a Disney movie because he is so cute he almost doesn't seem real. All this being said, his best quality is his loving nature. His full body hugs are the best, and at 9 months and 65 lbs. that,s a lot of hug! Thanks for helping me find my new best friend. Terri

The Goldendoodle Boys