Golden Labradoodle Breeder is located in the Lubbock, Texas area. We raise Golden Labradoodle puppies. We have been breeding labradoodles in Texas since 2001 and are starting to breed Golden labradoodles. We will produce F1B and multigenerational Golden labradoodle puppies in Lubbock Tx. Every one of our Golden labradoodles will be dearly loved and a big part of our family. Our Golden labradoodle puppies will be raised in our home and are socialized with children and other Golden labradoodles in Texas. We at Golden Labradoodle Breeder are dedicated to breeding the best F1B's and multigenerational Golden labradoodles possible in Texas. All of our Golden labradoodle puppies will be extremely intelligent, loving, confident, and very Golden. Please feel free to Contact us for more information.