We at MYLABRADOODLEBREEDER have been working on this double doodle project for over two years.

I had first heard about Double Doodles in 2011. I started researching & found myself going further.

I felt like a double doodle project would be a challenge, but looked forward to seeing the end results. First I needed to find the best breeding pair, I knew I would find that pair within my own stock. I know without a doubt after 13 years of seeing what my dogs produce, I would stick to my own group of dogs. After all they have produced really sound and amazing puppies.

So after 3 years of planning we are well on our way, we have our first Double doodles due 9/16/14 & the breeding pair are the descendents of our line of doodles. I picked out 2 females from AKC/CKC Bridget Diamond Ally Khan and a male pup that was sired from my Standard Poodle AKC/CKC Rhett Butlars Brody. A perfect match in my mind. I love my dogs and know they will produce some really great Double Doodles.